Known for designing the finest luxury wheels, Motiv aims at giving its customers a sense of pride in their ride.

Our manufacturing and design team is built upon industry experience that dates back to the 1970's. We are committed to redesign the standards of wheel craftsmanship through our design, engineering and brand essence. Complete quality control is one of the leading principles that encompass the Motiv Team. Our team is constantly striving to evolve and push the boundaries on the knowledge and skill from which Motiv was founded upon.



At Motiv we place a high value in providing our customers with a wheel that they will be proud of for their car. All wheels at Motiv are designed here in the Untied States by our passionate design team, where each wheel undergoes a rigorous research and development process. We provide fitments for numerous varieties of European cars like BMW, Mercedes and Audi; to Domestic vehicles like Mustang, Charger and Camaro.


The Motiv brand delivers a presence of passion to the automotive industry. The team at Motiv has a drive to be the best provider of Luxury Wheels in the market. Our culture and lifestyle is encompassed through every facet of our branding and seen through the events we host and attend to our increasing social media presence. Motiv wants to inspire a new era of car culture through our branding and products.