It’s all about connection.

You’ve been eyeing those custom Motiv Wheels for a while… The exact ones to upgrade your “baby” just right, or the ones that would give the perfect personal touch to your new car. And in the heart of every car and SUV enthusiast lies a passion for taking your custom ride on the road. A love for seeing style in motion. Motiv Wheels understands this obsession because we share it. We design for it. Our wheel story begins over 20 years ago with a desire to enhance every journey, to elevate every driving experience, to its zenith – for you.

Indulge your dreams.

When Motiv Wheels launched in 2004 we knew the time for a disruptive evolut­ion had come. We looked, listened, learned, designed and priced the wheels YOU want on your cars and SUVs. Every driver is unique and your vehicle should reflect your individuality. Motiv Wheels has spent decades perfecting this philosophy and creating wheel designs that cater to your various tastes, preferences, sizes, and budgets.

Aesthetics, durability and longevity.

Our collection includes innovative wheel styles like the sleek simplicity of the 439 Command with a center indented line that captures the light, and the 435 Foil with a classic 7 spoke mesh design that extends to the edge of the rim, to the 438 Swerve with 32 sweeping spokes that give the wheel a high-end premium appearance. All our wheels are made from exceptionally strong A365 aluminum alloy and specially T6 heat treated for maximum strength.

Enhance your driving experience, you deserve it.

Bling your SUV. Update your family car. Personalize your ride when you rotate or change your tires… The possibilities are endless and Motiv Wheels makes it so easy for you to elevate the look of your vehicle to the next level. For 20-years Motiv Wheels has been providing custom wheel lovers like you with the perfect blend of award-winning designs, a large selection of sizes and finishes, enhanced quality and performance, cost-effective options, and easy availability… Now it’s your turn to treat yourself and make YOUR style statement.

We may not have invented the wheel, but we perfected it.